welcome to season 6



 The mission of CCO Radio is to empower the voice of Chicago youth specially the communities that we at Catalyst Schools serve. We believe that the creative venues like Radio and Television will give voices not only to the scholars at Catalyst but around world as well. CCO Radio’s biggest hope is to give our scholars opportunities to share their ideas, vision, and passion creatively.

Our Timeline

Started in "Design and Innovations" class lead by Mr. Shamim, the seniors and juniors at Catalyst Maria High School went on a Tech adventure, from coding, design, to working on our very own radio station.


During the initial stages, the Design and Innovations course was divided into four departments - Music, Marketing, Coding/Design, and Hardware. The scholars collectively met each Friday for a round table meeting to discuss their achievements for the week and how their department helped rest of the team. The team was able to launch our radio station the last week of the first semester and lots of behind the scene work has been completed.


Season 5 began with VaSean Varnado, with a dynamic personality and energy he brings a flare to CCO Radio that we haven't seen before. VaSean has been able to take CCO radio to  week long live shows in a very short time in which he provides entertainment with fun facts and deep and  thought provoking ideas. This show is also exploring remote broadcast using technoloies such as  Teams, Google and livecast.


This season CCO Radio is also exploring possibilities to expand  broadcast to our sister campus Circle Rock to collaborate on  cross-campus shows. 

Season 4 started fall 2018 with Jovan Moore and Joseph Sloan. This season has been  about learning the boards and multiple sources of inputs as well as live shows. 

Season 3 of CCO Radio began August of 2017 with Jawon Griffon and Alana Duncan. This season we focused on live broadcast every week and successfully installed new equipment for the station. 

Season 2 of CCO Radio began in September '16 with Jamiyha Williams, John Hernandez and Chanell Williams. The interns are worked on multiple projects such as "Project Dream", "Silence" , and  "Wolves Den".

CCO Radio had its first live broadcast at the STEAM Expo at Catalyst Maria Auditorium on 5/4/2017

Season 1 at second semester, the class was the "Radio Internship" program where Jose Orozco, Barbara White, Gerardo Vargas and Alan Robles continued great work on Radio Call IDs and syndicated content